Big news for England’s first tour of Pakistan in 17 years

Is England tour of Pakistan?

England is scheduled to tour Pakistan for the first time in years later this year, according to reports. The tour is still tentative, but it’s a huge step forward after years of tension between the two countries.

The tour is set to take place in September or October, and will consist of three Tests and five One-Day Internationals (ODIs). It’s possible that some of the matches could be played in Dubai, which would make for an interesting clash of cultures.

This tour is significant for a few reasons. First of all, it would be England’s first visit to Pakistan since March 2009, when militants attacked a cricket match in Karachi and killed 19 people. Relations between the two countries have been strained since then, with both sides blaming each other for the tensions.

However, hopes are high that this tour can improve ties between the two countries. If all goes as planned, it could herald a new era of cooperation and peace between England and Pakistan.

who is player adds in England’s first tour of Pakistan

England to tour Pakistan for the first time in 17 years | Sports News,The  Indian Express

England’s first tour of Pakistan in years is set to be a huge event, as the team add in some big-name players. The players include all-rounder Ben Stokes who has been in hot water with the authorities in England and will get a chance to clear his name, as well as Chris Woakes, who has been one of the best bowlers in England for a few years now. Woakes has developed a good partnership with spinner Adil Rashid and is looking to take his game to new levels on this tour. There are also several uncapped players who have been included in the squad, such as batsman Alex Hales and all-rounder Tom Curran.

The Pakistan team is also looking forward to hosting this tour and are expecting a huge turnout from their fans. This will be the first time that many fans have had an opportunity to see England play live, and they are sure to make the most of it.

How many Test matches will England play in 2022?

England unveil men's 2022 summer schedule with series against New Zealand,  India and South Africa | Cricket News | Sky Sports

England will be touring Pakistan for 3 Tests in 2022. This is big news because it has been a long time since England has played in Pakistan. This will be the first time that England has toured Pakistan in years.

England won the Test series against Pakistan 2-1. The first Test was played in Dubai and the second Test was played in Abu Dhabi. The third and final test will be played in Karachi.

This is big news for cricket fans in England and Pakistan. It is also important to remember that this is only the first part of England’s tour of Pakistan. The second part of the tour will involve playing 2 ODIs and 1 T20I.

Is Pakistan safe?

Feeling Incredibly Safe In Pakistan": Australia's Steve Smith Ahead of 1st  Test | Cricket News

Pakistan is a large and diverse country with a rich culture. But is it safe to travel to Pakistan?

There are several reasons why people might want to visit Pakistan. Some people visit Pakistan because it is a beautiful country with stunning scenery. Others visit because of its rich history and unique culture. However, there are also risks associated with traveling to Pakistan.

One of the biggest risks of traveling to Pakistan is terrorism. Since 2007, there have been several terrorist attacks in Pakistan that have killed many people. Terrorists have also targeted tourists in Pakistan, including attacks on luxury hotels and tourist attractions. In 2016, an attack on an airport in Islamabad killed dozens of people.


England to play seven T20s on first Pakistan tour in 17 years - The  Business Post

1st T20I: 20 September, Karachi
2nd T20I: 22 September, Karachi
3rd T20I: 23 September, Karachi
4th T20I: 25 September, Karachi
5th T20I: 28 September, Lahore
6th T20I: 30 September, Lahore
7th T20I: 2 October, Lahore


Another risk of traveling to Pakistan is the instability of the government. The government in Pakistan has been unstable for many years, which has led to a number of civil wars. This has made it difficult for foreigners to travel safely in Pakistan and has caused many tourists to cancel their trips to Pakistan.

However, despite these risks, there are still some benefits of visiting Pakistan. The country has a rich cultural heritage that is worth exploring. And despite the occasional terrorist attack, most tourists who visit Pakistan enjoy their time there.

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