We are excited to announce that we will be reviewing and accepting submissions for guest blog posts.

We are looking for wonderful unique content with articles that range in topics such as: apps, business, development, education, finance, gaming, mobile, technology, and more!

We accept guest author post submissions from a wide variety of authors and agencies and can figure out an acceptable plan to benefit both you and your agency as well as the todayblogs.uk community!

1. Wordcount Preference: 800+…1000+ preferred: more words are better for reader engagement and SEO!

2. Image Size: no larger than 1000px width (WordPress has upload limitations).

3. Do not submit spun or copied content, always submit unique fresh content!

4. Content should be highly informative with relevant bullet points wherever possible.

5. Max 2 DOfollow link is allowed and it should be relevant to the topic. If you have 3+ DOfollow links, we can talk.

6. Do not insert a link in the author bio unless it is NOfollow preferably.