To make a bed in Minecraft, you’ll need three pieces of wool, and three planks

1. Place the wool in a straight line across one end of your plank
2. Place the plank on top of the wool, so that the ends of the plank are touching the wool
3. Use your hands to pull the plank up until it’s fully extended

4. Place another plank on top of the first one, so that the end of the second plank is touching the first one
5. Use your hands to push down on both planks, and they’ll form a bed

All three pieces of wool need to be the same color, which will also be the color of your bed

If you want to create a super secret passage in your bed in Minecraft, all you need are three pieces of wool of the same color. Once you have those three pieces of wool, place them on the ground in front of your bed. Now, open the inventory of any player and switch to the paste command. Paste the three wool pieces right next to each other so that they’re touching each other. If done correctly, the wool will become one long piece and the color of your bed will be reflected in it. This is a great way to hide things from other players or to create a secret entrance inside your bed!

You can get wool by shearing sheep, and planks by putting logs on your crafting table.

BED in Minecraft
BED in Minecraft

To make the passage, you will need: a bed, stairs, a lever, and a block of obsidian.
The steps are as follows: 1. First, build a bed in your world. 2. Next, put the stairs in the bed so that they are facing up. 3.


Finally, place the block of obsidian at the top of the stairs. 4. Use the lever to activate the block of obsidian and create your secret passage!