Tami Gingold is the mother of Hollywood actress Julia Garner. She was born in Israel and used to be an actress, comedian, and therapist. When she was still an actress, Tami was in movies like Morning Star 1980, Anashim 1984, The 17th Bride 1985, and House Committee Rivalry 1986. Because most of her movies are made in Israel, she is not a well-known actress in the United States. Tami Gingold is best known as Julia Garner’s mother in the United States. The TV show Ozark made Julia, an American actress who has won an Emmy, a well-known name.

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Tami Gingold, Julia Garner’s mother, was born into a Jewish family.

That is very private, so the fact that not much is known about her past is her fault. But everyone knows she is very religious and grew up in a Jewish family. She has chosen to hide her age, astrological sign, and date of birth. Tami Gingold was between 60 and 65 years old when you wrote this.

The actor is both Israeli and American, and he is now retired. She was born to Jewish parents from the middle class, but she rarely talks about them in public. Even though there is a huge gap in her family history, she is very proud of her Jewish roots.

Like other facts about her, little is known about Tami Gingold education. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the actress didn’t go to school since her language shows she knows a lot. She started acting when she was still pretty young, so she probably didn’t finish college until much later.

Act on Stage

Tami Gingold started acting professionally when she was in her early 20s. That seems to have been in the 1980s, but an official record has yet to begin her home country of Israel, she mostly played supporting roles in movies. Tami time as a comedian was short-lived, and she quickly chose to focus on her acting. Still, she was never a big star in the Israeli movie business. She was never the main actress in any of her movies. Instead, she mostly played minor roles that helped the leading actress. She has only been in four films.

The 17th Bride, which she made, is her most well-known movie. In this war drama set in the Czechoslovakian Republic, Lisa Hartman plays a 30-year-old Jewish woman who has to choose between going to a concentration camp and marrying a man she doesn’t like.

The movie’s point was to show how World War II affected ordinary Czech people. Ultimately, the main character got a mental illness because her marriage, which resulted from the war, put her under too much stress. Tami Gingold wasn’t the only actress in The 17th Bride. Rosemary Leach played Esther, Lisa Hartman played Liza, and Rosemary Leach herself played a small supporting role called Magda.

When you look back at Tami Gingold acting career, you can see that all of her movie roles were from 1980 to 1986. These six years were the busiest in her work life. She moved to the United States and began working as a therapist there. That was her second and last change in her job. Even though nothing is known about Tami’s therapy practice, it is safe to assume that she is qualified and licensed if she is allowed to do so in the United States.

Tami’s Marriage is Over

Tami Gingold is currently married to Thomas Garner. In the same way that nothing is known about Gingold, nothing is known about how long they have been together. Thomas is an American man she met soon after she moved to the US, but almost nothing else is known about him. Several sources say that he is also from the Ohio town of Shaker Heights.

Thomas made the same choice as Tami and moved from his small town to New York in search of better opportunities. Their daughter thinks that both of them are very interested in intellectual things. Thomas is a Christian, but his wife’s daughter says she is a religious Jew. Even though they come from different places.

They have two kids together and live in a messy apartment in New York full of old things. Due to his daughter, Tami Gingold husband is often mistaken for the American actor Thomas Garner. However, he is a teacher and painter, not a celebrity.

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Tami Gingold Family

Two beautiful children, Anna and Julia Garner were born to Tami Gingold and Thomas Garner. Anna Garner is a painter and a teacher for people with special needs. She teaches English to people whose first language is not English at a high school in Manhattan, New York (ESL). Anna is as interested in art as her parents are, and her father taught her how to paint.

Julia Garner, a well-known actress, is Tami’s second child. Julia was born in The Bronx, New York, on February 1, 1994. She is best known for playing the main character or the title character on popular TV shows like Ozark and Inventing Anna. Currently, Julia has been in more than 32 TV movies and shows. She started acting when she was only 15 and has already won an Emmy and been nominated for a Golden Globe. Julia is now married to the musician Mark Foster. She has a big online presence and spends most of her time on Instagram, where she has about 1.3 million followers.

Julia Garner Parents: Tami Gingold and Thomas Garner are their names.

Julia Garner is a well-known American actress best known for playing Ruth Langmore in the Netflix crime drama series Ozark.


What does Tami Gingold like to do for fun?

She like Reading, taking pictures, learning, and traveling

Who is Tami Gingold father?

The name of Tami Gingold dad is not known.

Who is Tami Gingold mother?

The name of Tami Gingold mother is N/A.

From what place is Tami Gingold?

Los Angeles, which is in the US.