DeskFlex Review

DeskFlex is a modernization software developer. Their products help companies manage their resources, including human resource departments. You can also use their employee check-in and check-out services, as well as employee identification. You can download their mobile app for free. The following are some of the other features of DeskFlex. Let us take a look at each of these features. DeskFlex also develops software for resource scheduling, human resources, and office space modernization.

Desk booking software

If you are in need of room booking software that helps your staff reserve workstations, parking, and phones, try DeskFlex. It allows you to schedule any kind of office reservation, from a single meeting room to a full suite of conference rooms. DeskFlex even allows you to create special events and blocks of rooms for your staff, and it can even help you set up automatic inventory returns for unused equipment.

With, you can monitor, manage, and process all types of visitors to your office. Visitors can be anyone, from a delivery man to a customer, from a job applicant to an employee’s relative. The software can integrate surveillance cameras, biometric scanners, and temperature sensors, so that you can make sure no one enters your office uninvited. DeskFlex also offers security features like visitor management software that prevents the spread of infection in your workplace.

Employee check-in and check-out

If you are considering implementing employee check-in and out in your business, you’ve probably heard about DeskFlex. With this software, employees can check-in and out of their office spaces using a simple, mobile app. The application can help you maximize your office space by making it easier to reserve workstations, phone numbers, and parking. You can also set aside blocks of rooms for special events, or reserve unused equipment in advance.

Another unique feature of DeskFlex is its Bluetooth beacons. This system helps prevent infection-related issues in your workplace. By using Bluetooth beacons, you can prevent employees from entering infected areas, enforce social distancing policies, and easily find  out the location of an employee. The technology is available for businesses and enterprises, and it can be permanently installed on mobile devices. If you don’t need the DeskFlex app to manage your office, you can also download an Android or iOS app that will help you manage your space.

Bluetooth beacons for social distancing

The DeskFlex Bluetooth beacons are a great way to keep track of team members and enforce social distancing policies at work. They work by picking up Bluetooth signals from mobile devices and transmitting them to a central server. This helps the facility manager to know which employees are in violation of the policy. The DeskFlex room scheduling program can notify the Facility Manager if one of his team members has breached the policy.

With the use of these devices, companies can limit the number of employees who are allowed in an office building. Bluetooth beacons can help companies determine how many people are allowed to work in a given building. earpod beacons are not a perfect solution, though . Bluetooth beacons will not work as well if users are too far apart. It is still important to avoid crowded areas in your office, so DeskFlex Bluetooth beacons help you limit the number of employees at a time.

Mobile app

The Deskflex Mobile app offers a plethora of features. It allows users to manage their workspace utilisation, make reservations, and cancel bookings. Users can even login with their Deskflex credentials and book workstations while on the go. Additionally, it lets them make advanced reservations using their mobile devices. The app is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, MS Trade, and Office 365. To use the app, all users must have a Deskflex account, although administrators can create a new account for them to access the software.

The DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office will extend its offerings into the health care industry, enabling physicians to consult with patients in real-time via virtual clinics. The software will enable physicians to examine patients in 3D form, discuss treatment courses, and see and feel their movements . In addition to being able to see and feel motions, the DeskFlex Metaverse Virtual Office is also equippe with a 3D imaging system.

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