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Local SEO Today is a local SEO company that offers affordable local SEO services, custom website design, and digital marketing. The company specializes in small business website design and has worked with businesses from all over the world. With over 12 years of experience, they understand what it takes to create a user-friendly website that is optimized for the search engines.

Link building

The goal of link building is to increase your website’s visibility in search engines. The best way to achieve this is to obtain links from relevant websites. In this way, you can put yourself on a level playing field with your competitors. Developing links is not an easy task, and it requires time and persistence.Read about more on localseotoday.com.

A local link building strategy involves outreaching to other local businesses and web sites. You can ask these websites for a link exchange or add your website’s link to their page. But, it’s crucial that you focus on the services that your business offers. Avoid linking to spammy websites or local businesses that are not relevant to your business.

Link building has been proven to improve local rankings. Linking from local sites to your site improves your rankings in Google’s local search results. However, don’t base your link prospects on proxy domain metrics. This is because most valuable links don’t get high marks on these metrics. Also, don’t overlook NoFollow link opportunities. Google treats them as hints.

Structured data mark-up

Structured data mark-up is a simple process that adds additional value to a webpage. It tells search engines the exact location of a business and other information about it. Google uses this data to index your site more effectively and provide you with more relevant search results. It also helps you surface content in new ways.

When using structured data on your website, it is important to follow the guidelines and standards provided by Google. The guidelines are available in Google’s Search Console. You can see if you have errors and use guidance to improve your site’s results. Make sure to use the right type of markup for your website and avoid making mistakes.

In addition to structured data mark-up, you can use images to enhance your content. The images should represent the content that is being marked up and should be in a Google Image-supported format. It is best to include multiple high-resolution images that have the right aspect ratio. You can also try to use a content management system that provides structured data mark-up.

Customer personas

In order to build effective customer personas for LocalSEOToday, you must first understand who your customers are. You should know how they behave, their interests, and what drives them to buy your products and services. The persona you create should be a realistic representation of your average customer, who may not always be as ideal as you’d like her to be.

Using a traffic-based website, you can create customer personas by collecting data. Create different sections of a survey that your visitors can answer. Or, use Google Forms to create a survey and stock the responses into a spreadsheet. Once you’ve compiled the responses, you can compare them to the persona you have created.

Once you’ve created your customer persona, you can begin creating content tailored to them. Think about what they like to read and share. If they like to learn about local business events, share the information.

Google Maps

To find the LocalSEOToday map, go to the SooToday homepage and click on Local News. You will need to sign in to access the news map. Signing up is free and takes about 10 seconds. Once you have an account, you can access the map in the drop-down menu.

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