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When you need garage door repair in Austin, TX, call Austin Garage Door Solutions. We have options for every price range, unlike any other garage door company.

Locally owned and operated, austin garage door repair takes pride in serving the garage door repair needs of the Austin community quickly and dependably. We combine the expertise of larger firms with the flexibility and individual attention that any project demands. The experts at Austin Garage Door Solutions can assist with any garage door need, from complex custom builds to simple raised panels. In a jiffy, our experts can fix or restore your garage door because they always have replacement parts on hand.

For what reason is Austin Garage Door Solutions the best option?

Our team’s combined garage door repair experience totals over 15 years of work. The garage door needs of countless Austinites have been met. We are available around the clock, every day of the week, for any urgent garage door repairs you might need. Austin Garage Door Solutions is a trusted name not just in Austin, but in all of Central Texas!

Austin Garage Door Service

Garage door repair North

Professionally servicing and consulting on overhead doors for homes, businesses, civic organizations, schools, fire stations, parking garages, and more in the Austin area has made us the go-to experts. Owner-operated for over 30 years in the area. Customers have come to expect the same level of service they have come to expect from our small-business, family-run staff as they do from our larger, more impersonal corporate counterparts.


Your garage door can be opened and close because of the springs that are attached to it. A malfunctioning garage door is practically useless without these. In the city of Austin, Texas, we change our springs on a daily basis. We can get it done the first time properly, and our prices are low in comparison to the competition. Today, it’s not uncommon to find springs with a cycle life of 10,000 opens and closes.

The Use of Motors in Garage Door Openers

How Much Power (kWh) Does a Garage Door Opener Use? – Home Hacker DIY

Motors for garage doors let you automate the opening and closing of the door. Since we consider LiftMaster openers to be superior to the cheap, noisy openers one might find in a hardware store, we only stock and sell those. Each of our LiftMaster opener motors is back by a three-year warranty on both the parts and the labor required to install it, is whisper quiet, and allows for remote access via smartphone. See the specifications and costs of our opener motors here. Put a new motor in your opener, and let us usher in a day of happiness and success.

Repairs for Garage Doors

Concerned about the price? Before any work is done, we offer complimentary cost estimates. That means you can get the final repair cost estimate before you have to pay anything, and if you don’t agree with it, you are free to ignore it.

Mechanical Upkeep of Garage Doors

You might not know this, but your garage door requires regular maintenance to keep it working properly. A little TLC could be all that’s needed to fix that grinding noise and sluggish door. Avoiding the need for expensive repairs is the main goal of preventative maintenance.

Car lockouts from broken springs, misaligned rollers, and fray or tangle cables can all avoid with regular preventative maintenance.

Brand-New Garage Doors & Setup

10 Things to Know Before Buying a Garage Door | The Family Handyman

Whether you are replacing an existing door or constructing a new home. Your home is unique, and so is the door we help you find.

Explore some examples of our garage door work in the online gallery below. Our Cedar Park and Lakeway locations both feature interactive showrooms where you can get a feel for different materials and colors in person while conversing with a member of our staff.

Best Services for Setting Up, Hands Down.

Even though we known as an Austin garage door repair company, we offer many other services as well. Indeed, we also perform setups.

Cedar Park Overhead Doors, based in Austin, Texas, can advise you on the optimal door for your home based on the local climate.

Depending on your needs, there are pros and cons to using different materials:

Steel. In spite of its low insulation value, low cost, durability, and ease of painting, it requires very little maintenance. Steel doors are not the way to go if you’re concerned about energy efficiency. Steel corrodes easily, making it unsuitable for environments with a lot of moisture or snow.

Aluminum. Aluminum is almost identical to steel except that it does not rust, is much lighter than steel, and is only slightly more expensive. Due to their lightweight construction, they are much more vulnerable to damage.

Wood. Doors made of wood need more care and attention. Wood is a great insulator, and it can withstand the elements and knocks. They add to the aesthetic value of your home and can even increase its value. They’re stronger and more malleable than alternatives, but they’re also more expensive and bulkier to make.


With their high resistance to rust and water and low maintenance needs, these doors are a popular choice for coastal areas. Fiberglass is significantly less insulating than other materials and considerably thinner.

Vinyl. These are durable against the elements and are dent- and scratch-free. This type of door is ideal if your kids enjoy playing sports like soccer and basketball in the driveway.

Garage door installation, maintenance, and repair are all services that Cedar Park Overhead Doors provides in Austin, Texas.

Worst Austin Garage Problems

Garage doors have many moving parts, which can lead to a wide variety of malfunctions. A garage’s safety, durability, noise, security, and aesthetics can all be affect by the various component. The most frequently reported problems from our Austin clients are as follows:


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