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The Russia Ukraine Putin military leadership stated on television that they were withdrawing from the strategic city of Kherson in southern Ukraine, although President Vladimir Putin was not present Russia Ukraine Putin.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and General Sergei Surovikin, Russia’s main commander in Ukraine, gave a rigid recitation of the reasons for the pullback in front of the cameras.

Putin gave another speech later that day and didn’t even mention Russia’s humiliating withdrawal from Kherson. Since then, he hasn’t talked about it in public.

Putin’s silence comes when Russia has been losing ground for almost nine months. During the corona virus outbreak, the Russian leader appeared to have delegated the imparting of unpleasant news to others.

Putin to Ukraine: Russia has barely started its action | AP News

Russia Ukraine patina

Ukrainians are getting ready for a terrible winter by stocking up on blankets.

Strike on Ukrainian birthing center kills babies.

Ukraine is look into a suppose video of a prisoner being shot.

Leaders from Russia and Cuba get together in Moscow

This year, Moscow illegally took control of the Kherson region and three other parts of Ukraine. Putin held a pompous ceremony at the Kremlin in September to make the changes official. He said, People who live in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia are now our citizens for life. But in a little over a month, the Ukrainian yellow and blue flags replaced the Russian tricolor colors that had flown over Kherson’s government buildings.

. However, this week, Putin seemed to be focused on everything but the war.

He spoke with the new president of Russia’s Academy of Science and talked with international leaders over the phone. He also met with a government official from Siberia to discuss increasing investment in his region. On Tuesday, Putin led a video meeting about how to remember World War II. . He also didn’t join by video conference or send a speech he had already written.

. After the meeting, Putin signed orders that gave the occupied towns of Melitopol and Mariupol the names The City of Military Glory and City of Labor Merit, respectively.

Live news from Russia Ukraine Putin

Putin is clearly using winter as a weapon, says Zelensky, who wants the UN to punish Russia. It stated today that Vladimir Putin is obviously weaponizing winter in his war on Ukraine, causing untold suffering for millions of Ukrainians in the ravaged country.She also said the Russian leader will try to freeze the country into submission. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left millions without heat and light. The country’s electrical grid has been crippled, and power facilities around the country, including in Kyiv, have been forced to shut down.


The Russian government has announced that it will formally halt a controversial mobilization effort to send additional personnel to fight in Ukraine. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed President Vladimir Putin in a televised conference that Russia had reached its aim of 300,000 other troops for the military war.

After mentioning that you had already sent 82,000 personnel to Ukraine and that over 210,000 were in training, Shoigu added, No additional mobilization efforts are planned. Shoigu also noted that the army would receive any future reinforcements through volunteer or professional contract soldiers. Russian forces rapidly lost the ground they had taken over the seven months of the war when Putin ordered the mobilization push on September 21. The Ukrainian counteroffensive was in full swing.

The Kremlin had previously claimed that their military effort was proceeding according to plan, but when Putin announced the drive, he persisted in calling it a partial mobilization. Putin promised that only males with appropriate military experience would be conscripted, but news soon spread that officials were rounding up people around the country who had no such experience.

The EU will punish Iran for giving Russia Ukraine Putin

According to two European Union diplomats, the EU is planning sanctions against Iran for providing Russia with drones to bomb targets in Ukraine, marking yet another symptom of deteriorating ties between Brussels and Tehran.

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Officials in the European Union (EU) have made a list of people and groups to go,

Despite concerns that taking a tough stand could push Tehran closer to Moscow or further diminish with the diplomatsFriendly fire blunders, confusion, low morale: why Russia's army has  stalled | Russia | The Guardian

Officials claim Iran is planning to supply Russia with missiles

The United States and it lies may be adversely affect by grow connection between Russia and Iran,

One immediate result is that people are asking Israel to help Ukraine more. Ukraine has requested Israeli help with air defenses. On Wednesday, Benny Gants, Israel’s Minister of Defense, stated that the country would not deploy any weaponry. We won’t change how we treat Ukraine. We will keep helping it and standing with the West. He said, we won’t give you any weapons. Since the summer, there has been more and more evidence that Iran is trying to supply Russia. In July, U.S. officials said Iran was planning to send drones to Russia. In August, Iran sent combat drones to Russia for use in Ukraine.

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